Transform your experience of Motherhood

from depleted and overwhelmed to supported and empowered

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Designed specifically for Mothers, this course provides expert knowledge, practical resources and validating support, so you can reclaim your health, your energy and your joy as a Mother.


Be guided by world-leading postnatal expert Dr Oscar Serrallach,
through over a hundred hours of hours of valuable content,
designed to show you how to 
take control of your Motherhood journey:


Understanding Motherhood

Learn about Matrescence - the becoming of a Mother, including sacred rituals and built-in supports for Mothers that are commonly seen in other cultures but are mostly missing in the West. You'll also learn about:  

  • The Maternal Brain and dive into the research on what is known about the neurological upgrade of Motherhood.
  • Postnatal Depletion and become clear on the Mother-centric model of postnatal recovery that is championed by Dr Oscar, which will provide the framework for our journey together.

The Nervous System

Get to know your Nervous System and why it is so important for Maternal Wellbeing, including:

  • How to improve your sleep – here we encounter one of the many paradoxes of Motherhood: when we need it the most, it can seem the most elusive!
  • Discover what are the common barriers to a healthy nervous system and good sleep, and how to overcome them.
  • Explore Flow States, Polyvagal Theory and Co-Regulation.

Minerals & Vitamins

Explore the principles of healing the body through nutrition, starting with an understanding of Micronutrients - namely Iron, Magnesium, Calcium, Zinc, Copper, Trace elements, Vit B12 and Vit D, then moving onto Macronutrients - fats, carbohydrates & proteins. 

  • Dr Oscar shares the extensive wisdom he has built over many years seeing patients in the clinical setting. 
  • Gain knowledge about how to individualise your diet in a way that will be simple to apply in daily life.
  • Learn how to make food less of a chore and how to find your mojo in the meals department. 

Hormonal Health

By the end of this module, you'll have acquired a much clearer understanding of your own hormones and how to recognise and address symptoms of imbalance, including learning very specialised information about how pregnancy, birth and breastfeeding will alter the landscape of our hormones forever, and important info for how you can return to a new balance. 

  • Let's talk about libido
  • Learn what you need to know about menopause, which for many of us is not that far away.
  • Understand your Adrenal Glands and Circadian Rhythm, as well as looking at the Metabolic Hormones: Thyroid and Leptin. 
  • Explore the Mother’s Menstrual Cycle, and why it is typically not the same as a Maiden’s Cycle. 
  • AND! Learn why Motherhood is good for your long term health.  

Energy: How to Get It!

During this module you'll learn how to exercise like a Mother. By this, we mean reframing things in the context of Motherhood and understanding the new laneway of what is too little and what is too much! You'll also learn about: 

  • The physical changes that occur in a Mother’s body, including a special focus on the Pelvic Floor, including a specialist Physiotherapist session.
  • The effects of stress on our energy and adding resources into the tool box for managing it. 
  • Emotional wellbeing and its relationship to energy, and how to create healthy boundaries
  • Techniques for nervous system balance including tapping, breathwork, Somatic Experience practices and Havening.

Psychology & Sociology of Motherhood

We expect that you will be feeling a new level of wellbeing, and ready for a deeper understanding about the world around us and how this world impacts on our ability to truly shine and prosper - especially looking at toxic patterns we may have inherited both from our culture and our own Maternal lineage.  During this Module, you'll:

  • Learn about and contemplate the challenges of Mothering and Matrescense in a Patriarchal Society

  • Enquire into The Mother Wound and learn about steps to heal it

  • Explore the Myth of the Super Mum, as well as Mother Guilt and “Mother vs Matryr.”

  • Become aware of the complex subconscious programs which sometimes “keep us small” and together we will take the first steps towards releasing these old patterns. 

  • Understand the true meaning of what self care looks like on a deeper level.

  • Explore the Working Mother, the Patriarchy and the need for social change - and we will dream this world together!


Purpose & Maintaining Mental Wellbeing

This Module is about lasting change and making sure that our participants are truly equipped for the final evolutionary transformation into a state of being that is beyond anything they have been before.  We will be asking the Big Question: “Who Am I?,”and explore role conflict, values and alignment challenges. 

  • Explore Overwhelm as a topic, as well as examining common mental health challenges and learning tools for how to manage these and stay grounded. 

  • Learn how to create long lasting support networks in your life, including Mother Mentoring - the concept whereby newer Mothers can go to more experienced Mothers for deep support and non-judgement (what Dr Oscar feels is the long term solution to the Mother Crisis).

  • Learn about Gratitude and Purpose and explore how they are interlinked.


Healthy Families & Healthy Homes

Learn how a Mother can be empowered in her immediate environment, looking specifically at healthy relationships and the healthy home. We will discuss parenting, in particular asking whether or not our parenting is aligned with our values. During this Module you'll also:

  • Explore some resources from recognised parenting experts like Steve Biddulph and Dr Shefali. 

  • Learn tools for effective communication (such as Non-Violent Communication). 

  • Hear from a a couple’s therapist (it's juicy!)

    Be informed about the potential for environmental toxins in our homes, and how to make safe choices for our families.


The Spiritual Nature of Motherhood

No transformational course would be complete without considering the journey in the context of our shared Spirituality (or self-actualisation, according to Maslow’s Hierarchy of Human Needs), and what it means to be connected with our higher selves on this life journey.  During this Module you'll explore the “Dark Night of the Soul” and how struggle and crisis can open doors to deeper meaning and a higher sense of purpose.  You'll also:

  • Discover the spiritual tools of Motherhood such as intuition, compassion and empathy. 

  • Learn why Mothers are the teachers of love, as well as asking how we can step up for our Mother Earth, and in what ways can we be more active in our guardianship of the planet?

  • Have fun as you explore the Goddess in the Modern Age!

This program is incredible - it is the collective knowledge that society has forgotten and is crucial information for every mother. You will learn so much more than you can imagine about yourself (mind, body, soul), your child, and this journey of parenthood that you're embarking on. The information will transform your outlook on life and you will become a better advocate for yourself with your doctors, family, and friends. This program touches on every aspect of your life (e.g. sleep, nutrition, exercise, hormones, mental health, physical health etc.), helps guide you through the transition, and helps explain why and how things may be different now.
Jakki, Mothermorphosis Mama

PLUS you'll have direct access to Dr Oscar Serrallach inside his Q&A library

 Receive personalised health advice!

Join Mothermorphosis and you'll get access to an online, searchable library packed with Dr Oscar's answers to questions from Mothers who are already part of the  Mothermorphosis program AND he answers your personal questions in here too. This is a hugely valuable resource that previous Mothermorphosis members rave about!



PLUS you'll be welcomed into
the MotherCare Project online community to connect with other Mothers in a supportive, safe and non-judgemental space

Many mothers experiencing Postnatal Depletion also face isolation and loneliness. They often feel disconnected from the world and long for genuine conversations with other Mothers who truly understand. Our online village (hosted on the Mighty Networks platform) offers the crucial community aspect that is essential for Mothers' wellbeing. 

This private online community is an open space to unpack the learnings from the Mothermorphosis Journey. Each module presents life-changing information related to the four pillars of health: Sleep, Purpose, Activity, and Nutrition. Our village allows mothers to initiate discussions, share tips, and ask questions within the group. Imagine topics ranging from parenting and recipes to sleep hacks, weaning, nervous system practices, returning to work, spirituality, and relationships. 

We are Mothers learning together, at various stages of Motherhood and guided by maternal values such as inclusivity, cooperation, connection, non-judgment, kindness, compassion, and egalitarianism, to name a few. Our guiding principle is "SHARE STORIES NOT ADVICE."

You are welcome to participate in our online village as much or as little as you choose. One of the highlights of our first Mothermorphosis intake has been witnessing many Mothers finally receiving the validation, understanding, and genuine support that they have been missing.


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I can't thank Dr Oscar and Caroline enough for this course...I was apprehensive to join as I wasn't sure if this program would be the answer to my exhaustion and poor mental health. I was just keeping my head above water with 2 kids in 2 years. The program was delivered in such a way that I felt I could implement the strategies into my life without it feeling overwhelming. There are so many different aspects compounding the issues modern mothers face and they are covered in the course. I loved the holistic approach of the course and joining other beautiful like minded mammas on this journey. It really made me feel seen.
Steph, Mothermorphosis Mama

The demands of Motherhood are unfortunately higher than ever ...

Before Motherhood, the typical modern woman with her busy, high paced life is usually already close to the maximum capacity of what she can handle.

Conception and pregnancy can drain huge amounts of a Mother’s physical and emotional resources, and the baby’s birth is just the beginning of a marathon ahead that many women & couples are simply not prepared for.

In our society, the time and resource demands of Motherhood are higher than ever and unfortunately, it’s becoming increasingly difficult for parents to easily access the non-hired help of family and community to assist in looking after children. This mismatch between expectation and support, stacked on top of nutrient depletion leads directly to Mothers feeling overwhelmed.

A new mother’s biology is simply not designed and shouldn’t be expected to have to deal with this level of ongoing stress.

Does this feel familiar?

  • I’m struggling with issues such as brain fog, weight gain, anxiety and exhaustion since becoming a Mother.

  • I’ve been to see my Family Doctor but they can’t help me and I’ve even been told “You’re a Mother, that’s normal.”

  • Some days I think I might be depressed I feel so low, but I’m not sure if anti-depressants are the answer. I know it's not just in my head.

  • I’m so much more sensitive now to bright lights and noise, and my nerves are shot.

  • I'm in a constant state of overwhelm.

  • No matter how much sleep I get, I just still feel exhausted.

  • Self care has gone out the window.

  • I stay home and avoid going out, I just don’t have the confidence I used to and I get anxious.

  • I am so cranky and I am experiencing explosive rage. This is just not like me! I feel like I am losing my mind. I can’t believe the things I am doing - or forgetting to do.


  • I wish I had a trusted, reliable and centralised source of information for all the questions I have.

  • I wish I could feel more excited about Motherhood, but I’m stuck in a rut and can’t get out.


It's time to transform your experience of Motherhood...

Meet Dr Oscar Serrallach

“In my clinic, I do not see Mothers who have failed or who are not trying hard enough. What I do see every day are Mothers who are under-supported, physically and emotionally depleted, exhausted and stressed. They are at the end of their tether, with no relief in sight.”

Published by Goop in 2018, Dr Oscar's book The Postnatal Depletion Cure was the first research to really look at the unique biology and hormones of a woman after giving birth and the toll that pregnancy birth and breastfeeding will place on her, especially if she is already depleted going into pregnancy.

Today, he lives near Byron Bay, Australia, serving his local and global community through online offerings such as Mothermorphosis, Matriatrics and Postpartum Planning, and building meaningful resources for Mothers and Allied Health practitioners as part of his higher vision, The MotherCare Project, alongside his wife Caroline.

....and meet the MotherCare Project team! Moderators who are all Mothers, here to support you in our online community:

I feel like a whole human again not in messy fragments of overwhelm and emptiness. The program is so rich in wisdom and perspective and not to mention personally tailored support. No question will go unanswered… It truly is one of the most supportive containers I have entered into, in one of my most fragile states and to come out on the other side I do feel like I have new wings in a way, to move and grow forward into my next phase. I love that I still have connection to this community and that I will forever have access to this amazing wisdom. 
Alana, Mothermorphosis Mama

When you join Mothermorphosis you'll receive all of this:

✔️  More than a hundred hours of course content, for you to peruse at your own pace

✔️  Supporting resources
, for your to apply the education into your everyday life 

✔️  Access to monthly live group sessions with Dr Oscar
 so you can ask your questions and receive his expert answers

✔️  Submit your personal, individual questions to Dr Oscar anytime and he'll answer them
for you inside his ever-growing Q&A library, already containing hundreds of answers to questions on all aspects of Motherhood

The MotherCare Project online community access
, featuring Mother Mentors and other Mothers who are part of the Mothermorphosis program

Lifetime access to the the Mothermorphosis program
, for you to revisit when you need it most and for you to stay in touch with your growing Mother network

Participate online from home 
and still make deep, long-lasting connections with other Mothers. 


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This is intended as health based information and not as medical advice or a substitute for medical treatment. It you have any medical conditions or concerns you need to consult your health practitioner first prior to trying any of the above suggestions.