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Hi, I'm Dr Oscar

Specialising in postnatal depletion and optimising Mothers health and wellness.





“I deeply believe that if Mothers are well, families can be well.
And if families are well, then society has a much better chance of being well." 

Dr Oscar Serrallach

Researching Postnatal Recovery for almost 10 years, Dr. Oscar Serrallach has shared his knowledge on Postnatal Depletion and fourth trimester healing with his revolutionary book, “The Postnatal Depletion Cure.”

Published by Goop in 2018, this was the first research to really look at the unique biology and hormones of a woman after giving birth and the toll that pregnancy birth and breastfeeding will place on her, especially if she is already depleted going into pregnancy.

Today, Dr. Oscar Serrallach continues to offer medical consultations and retreats around Byron Bay New South Wales in Australia, whilst building the resources and community for the MotherCare Project alongside his partner Caroline.

The Backstory

Many women feel they have not "returned to themselves" or fully recovered from pregnancy and birth, even many years out.

Dr. Oscar noted women in his practice presenting with similar complaints; fatigue, brainfog, irritability, difficulty sleeping, depression, anxiety, feeling tired but wired, and lack of libido. Dr. Oscar suspected these patients were depleted from the enormous energy expenditure is it for the human body to grow, birth, and feed a new baby.

A voracious reader of medical literature, he dove into the latest information about physiologic and chemical brain changes that happen during pregnancy and birth and the role that inflammation, stress, and nutrition have on brain health. This work is tied directly to postnatal mental health.

Dr. Oscar's treatment plans focus on identifying areas of depletion and supporting the restoration of the body's nutritional and hormonal health. His treatment plans are remarkably effective in helping restore women's health and vitality in the postpartum time.

Dr. Oscar was the first to identify postnatal depletion as a syndrome in his groundbreaking book The Postnatal Depletion Cure.

The impact of this important work is just beginning.

Dr Oscar's wife Caroline was 32 when she had their first child.

In the next four years they had two more, meaning they now had three children aged 5 and under. 

If you've read the Postnatal Depletion Cure, you may know that Caroline’s struggles with her health through this time was a big part of the inspiration for Oscar to start his research.

The MotherCare Project

Today, Dr Oscar and his wife Caroline are passionate about making real change happen for Mothers all over the world, through their bigger vision of The MotherCare Project. 

The MotherCare Project is the culmination of more than a decade’s work by Dr Oscar, and he and Caroline now dedicate their lives to speaking about Postnatal Depletion with the genuine desire to help others going through a similar journey.

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Whether it's for Mothers or Allied Health professionals, Dr Oscar thoughtfully speaks to the medically complex as well as our current pop culture and what's trending, sparking conversations and elevating his audience’s knowledge, all while keeping things very relatable and of value.



Postnatal depletion is a constellation of symptoms affecting all spheres of a woman’s life after she gives birth. Dr Oscar's groundbreaking book The Postnatal Depletion Cure has helped tens of thousands of Mothers get back on track after having children.



These resources have been designed specifically for Mothers and for Mothercare workers. Dr Oscar provides many resources to his online and in clinic patients in an effort to better explain and validate the complexities Mother’s face on their journey to recovering their health and vitality.

This is intended as health based information and not as medical advice or a substitute for medical treatment. If you have any medical conditions or concerns you need to consult your health practitioner first prior to trying any of the above suggestions.