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Dr Oscar Serrallach

Dr Oscar specialises in postnatal depletion and his medical expertise centres around optimising Mothers health and wellness. 

Meet Dr Oscar Serrallach

Dr Oscar’s medical expertise centres around Mothers' health and wellness. His personal quest is to better understand, educate and support Mothers during their most transformative (and vulnerable) neurobiological and physiological stages of life; pregnancy, postpartum and peri-menopause. During these stages of a woman’s life they may work closely with various Mothercare workers, these include Midwives, Doulas, Nurse Practitioners, Obstetricians, Pelvic Floor physios etc.

The information and courses provided by or in collaboration with Dr Oscar are for both Mothers and Mothercare workers and have all been designed with the Mother’s needs at the centre.

After years of working one-on-one in clinic with Mothers, Dr Oscar and his peers have become dedicated to best understanding a mother’s underlying medical concerns and bridging the gap between standard processes of care and what they consider to be optimal Mothercare, while providing women directly with a framework of answers and protocols to ensure they fully recover back to their pre-baby health and vitality.

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Gwyneth Paltrow

"With great empathy and wisdom, Dr Serrallach explains how to restore your health and vitality using simple strategies to get you to finally feel like yourself again.”

Emma, Mother of Three

"When I found Dr Oscar, I finally felt like I had come to a health practitioner who could help me. It was such a relief to know there was research and science around the health challenges I had been experiencing since becoming a mother. Now I feel like I’m on track and able to enjoy Motherhood, whereas before I was drowning in constant overwhelm.” 

Alejandro Junger

"The best programs and solutions for health issues are born of Doctors that want to help themselves or their loved ones. That is how Dr. Serrallach arrived at his understanding of postnatal depletion..."


Post-Partum Planning Essentials

Calling all Mothers-to-be...let a Professor of Midwifery (Prof. Shealy) and a postnatal depletion expert (Dr Oscar) be your guide! This thoughtful and comprehensive step-by-step guide to your postpartum ensures loving connection, support and vital education reaches new mums and their partners. Statistics shows that the impact of being properly prepared for your babies arrival can secure the very best health outcomes for all.


Matriatrics: The Science of Motherhood

This course provides a deep dive into the most current research and progressive thinkings around Motherhood. What is known about ‘The Mother’ from a neurobiological and physiological point of view is surprisingly misunderstood and alarmingly under researched. Matriatrics is an exciting path ahead! 



Designed specifically for Mothers, this course provides expert knowledge, practical resources and validating support, so you can reclaim your health, your energy and your joy as a mother. Transform your experience of Motherhood from depleted and overwhelmed to supported and empowered! Dr Oscar's books are closed and this is a way to receive personal support from him! Register your interest now to be the first to hear when the next intake opens.

















This is intended as health based information and not as medical advice or a substitute for medical treatment. If you have any medical conditions or concerns you need to consult your health practitioner first prior to trying any of the above suggestions.