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Free resources from Dr Oscar Serrallach

These resources have been designed specifically for Mothers and for Mothercare workers. Dr Oscar provides many resources to his online and in clinic patients in an effort to better explain and validate the complexities Mother’s face on their journey to recovering their health and vitality.

Top 3 Non-Negotiables that MUST be in your Postpartum Plan

During this 25-minute recorded live webinar, Dr Oscar Serrallach shares his THREE principles of postpartum recovery that will enable you to protect your health in your postpartum.  Professor and Nurse Midwife Sarah Shealy also shares about the incredible importance of seeing pregnancy and postpartum as a Rite of Passage.


What If We Could Enjoy Motherhood, Not Just Endure It?

Are you tired of just enduring Motherhood? Do you want to reclaim your mental health, relationships, and joy as a Mother? In this video, Dr Oscar explains the set up for the Motherhood struggle, understanding the role the nervous system plays, and how to move towards the realistic support you need to truly enjoy your journey now.


Watch 'Baby Brain: It's all in your head...or is it?'

Why do so many Mothers struggle with memory and cognition and what's the solution?
“Baby Brain” or Brain Fog is something that affects women even years after the baby years and can impact on a Mother’s confidence and self-esteem.
What could be going on? 


Watch 'Why Mothers Are Struggling Under the Current Medical System'

Exhaustion, anxiety, hormonal imbalances, overwhelm, hair and skin problems, emotional disregulation - are all things that may be common among Mothers, but does that make them normal? Find out in this video with Dr Oscar.


Top Wellness Tips for New Mothers

What can you do as a new Mother to take the best care of yourself and relish in these special early days?Receive three full pages of Dr Oscar's top tips for new Mothers, including suggestions for birth recovery, stress management, supplement recommendations, lifestyle, sleep, food, aromatherapy, exercises, creativity and more.


Most watched videos

Podcast Interviews 

  • Simple strategies, nutrition tips, and a hormone primer so that more Mothers can finally feel like¬†themselves again, goop Podcast, 36mins. Listen here >¬†
  • Restoring your health, vitality & emotional wellbeing and rewriting what it means to be a Mother,¬†The Melissa Ambrosini Show, 1hr 15 mins. Listen here >
  • Postnatal Depletion, iRest Yoga Nidra, Sleep & Gratitude, A Grateful Life Podcast, 1hr. Listen here >
  • How to better prepare for the postnatal period, Beyond The Bump Podcast, 1hr 8mins. Listen here >
  • Your extraordinary hormones, how modern life contributes to depletion, and the partner or support person‚Äôs brain & in utero connection, She Births Podcast, 56mins. Listen here >
  • Postnatal depletion including testing that may be insightful, key nutrients & supplements, and placenta encapsulation, Boob Food Podcast, 1hr 7mins. Listen here >
  • Postnatal depletion including testing that may be insightful, key nutrients & supplements, and placenta encapsulation,¬†Boob Food Podcast, 1hr 7mins.¬†Listen here >
  • The Fourth Trimester, and why taking care of the Mother is so important during this season of Motherhood.¬†The Deep.¬†1hr 4mins. Listen here >
  • Postnatal depletion and why we need to stop running on empty.¬†The Grace Tales. 27mins.¬†Listen here >
  • Thriving postpartum.¬†The Superfeast Podcast.¬†1hr 5mins.¬†Listen here >
  • Postnatal depletion and what really happens to a woman's body.¬†Happy Mama Movement with Amy Taylor-Kabbaz.¬†30mins.¬†Listen here >
  • Postnatal depletion as the physiological and social cause of our exhaustion. The Good Enough Mother Podcast.¬†45mins.¬†Listen here >


This is intended as health based information and not as medical advice or a substitute for medical treatment. If you have any medical conditions or concerns you need to consult your health practitioner first prior to trying any of the above suggestions.