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PPP - Postpartum Planning

Calling all Mothers-to-be...let a Professor of Midwifery (Prof. Shealy and a postnatal depletion expert (Dr Oscar) be your guide! This thoughtful and comprehensive step-by-step guide to your postpartum ensures loving connection, support and vital education reaches new mums and their partners. Statistics shows that the impact of being properly prepared for your babies arrival can secure the very best health outcomes for all.


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Matriatrics - The Science of Motherhood

This course provides a deep dive into the most current research and progressive thinkings around Motherhood. What is known about ‘The Mother’ from a neurobiological and physiological point of view is surprisingly misunderstood and alarmingly under researched. Matriatrics is an exciting path ahead! 


Already commenced and intake being announced soon:


Transform your experience of Motherhood
from depleted and overwhelmed
to supported and empowered, with this ground-breaking program. Dr Oscar is currently unavailable to see new patients in his clinic, however this first-of-its-kind course gives you the opportunity to journey together with him for 9 months.


Baby Brain: It's all in your head...or is it?

Why do so many mothers struggle with memory and cognition and what's the solution? Watch Dr Oscar Serrallach's free webinar on this important topic: