Post-Partum Planning Essentials

Everything you need to know to optimise your experience in the post-partum and set you up for a great parenting journey...

with Dr Oscar Serrallah and Prof Sarah Shealy

Are you a parent-to-be?

Embrace this new chapter of your life with confidence!

This live, online program will arm yourself with invaluable guidance and resources to ensure a smooth transition into parenting.

From practical tips on newborn care to self-care strategies for Mum's and Dad's, we cover it all.

PLUS you'll receive free and ongoing access into the MotherCare Projects online community full of parents and parents-to-be, just like you. 

Digestible modules, lifetime access

Module 1

Why is Post-Partum Planning So Important?

Discover the challenges of the postpartum and why the rates of postpartum disorders are on the rise.

You'll also learn about maternal brain changes that occur during pregnancy and the postpartum, and their direct relevance to postpartum outcomes.

Module 2

Embracing Physical Changes and Boosting Neuro-Resilience

Discover the very normal, bodily changes that a Mother typically goes through during pregnancy and postpartum.

Building on the material brain changes from Lesson 1, you'll also come to learn about the maternal stress response and why building neuro-resilience is THE key component to a healthy postpartum recovery.

Module 3

Creating Your Postpartum Plan

What are the key components involved in making a good postpartum plan? During this lesson, you'll discover them ALL - distilled by Dr Oscar and Prof Sealy after many years of researching and guiding postpartum success.

From this you will be equipped to go through the exercises in your provided workbook and create your own personalised plan.

Module 4

Finalising Your Postpartum Plan

Discover the importance and challenges of breast feeding PLUS now that you have your Postpartum Plan ready, let's go over the key takeaway points for the first three modules to make sure all the pieces of the postpartum puzzle are connected. 

Now you're set to step into this new chapter of your life with confidence! 

Create your Postpartum Plan under the guidance of these two Postpartum Experts:

Dr Oscar Serrallach

Since his groundbreaking 2018 book, 'The Postnatal Depletion Cure' was published, there has been much in the way of new research finally starting to address the unique biology of Mothers. During this program, Dr Serrallach shares his knowledge from 10+ years researching Postpartum Wellness, as well as case studies from a similar period of time supporting Mothers in Postpartum Recovery in a clinical setting. 

Professor Sarah Shealy

Sarah Shealy is a Nurse-Midwife, Lactation Consultant, Professor of Nursing, and Mother, who is passionate about translating research evidence into practice.  Professor Shealy provides practical support.

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