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Why are Mothers are struggling under the current model of medicine?

Have you every been told "You're a Mother, that's normal" when you've been telling a well-meaning doctor or friend about your health struggles? 

Exhaustion, anxiety, hormonal imbalances, overwhelm, hair and skin problems, emotional disregulation - are all things that may be common among Mothers, but does that make them normal? 

Early in his career towards becoming a specialist in postnatal recovery, Dr Oscar Serrallach coined the phrase "postnatal depletion" to describe a syndrome that can occur for Mothers after having children. Previously, there was nothing in the medical books that satisfactorily explained all the postnatal struggles he was seeing in women. 

It is Dr Oscar's pioneering belief that Mothers need their own seperate branch within the science of Medicine - that takes into account the complex biological changes that take place through pregnancy, birth and postpartum.

In this webinar, Dr Oscar will be addressing: 

  • The generic bias of modern medicine towards men
  • What are the unique biological changes that occur for Mothers and the implications on their long term health
  • How these biological changes impact on a Mother's psychological, sociological and emotional wellbeing
  • How our medical system and society can better understand and support Mothers and why this is so important